Back to earth with a bump

Tomorrow is Monday, which means the summer hiatus is over, DG and I are back to work. We both feel well rested, and are looking forward to
what 2010 holds for us. We have enjoyed spending the time at home together, and we’re going to investigate what we can do from home in
future. We both know that we want to do certain things, live a certain way so we have to find our path outside the general workforce. Scary,
liberating stuff.

We went for a walk round Albert Park Lake this morning, meeting up with Ross & Leonie. Lachy and Ney joined us with the rugrats and we
all played on the playground, Oakley proudly announced that he’d given up his dummy, his night time bottle (bot-bot), and was going to toilet
in toilets. Which he promptly forgot about when he peed in a corner of the castle. Boys.

We brought some chickens on the way home and got ready for Hurricane Piper and Typhoon Oakley to arrive. The children had chosen a couple of fish to put in the tank, we had a ceremonial setting free, and after a good chat Lachy and Ney took the kids home. I went back to bed, Dan watched the cricket and I got up to go to yoga. I shouldn’t have the sleep, I wasn’t hydrated and I hadn’t eaten enough. From the first pose: holding your heels, elbows behind your legs, head on knees and pushing and pulling to stretch your legs out, I was wobbly and in trouble. I tried to complete the class, but struggled, puffed and sweated my way through, the headed for the showers early. I ache all over now, great!

Anyhoo, we’ve had a great week and a bit, our next leave is when we’re off to Adelaide to watch the Tour Down Under later on this month. We
didn’t to miss the chance of seeing Lance Armstrong, it is also a journey I’ve not made, another city to see. I don’t want to look too far forward, I like living in the here and now, but the possibilities are endless. Have a good week y’all.

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