Noughties – Farewell to all that

This New Year’s Eve finds Melbourne hot, stuffy, humid and with a thunderstorm and cool change due round about midnight, which will throw a spanner in the works for all the fireworks due to be fired off at public expense.

I don’t mind fireworks, really I don’t, I grew up near Lewes and Bonfire night was huge there. What I don’t like is the vast amounts of money going up in flames spent by councils and states, when there are far better things it could be spent on, like hospitals or public transport. Let alone the amount of police that have to work tonight, arresting drunken idiots, coz it’s New Year’s innit!

Tonight, DG and I are staying indoors, we’re having a Chinese meal and going to watch films. Tomorrow we’re going for our annual New Year’s Day picnic, we’re off to Mt Buller and Mt Buffalo. I will report in for your reading pleasure, maybe even with photos, I’ll try to remember the camera and Mr Fisher.

Before this year passes, earlier here than in the UK, I want to share a little round up of things for you. Over the past 10 years I have:

* moved house 11 times, including emigrating to Melbourne from the UK
* had lots of jobs, ranging from swimming teacher to personal assistant to military clerk to working in a book shop (see how many times I moved, sometimes I took a job where I could)
* got married, got messily separated, got divorced
* found someone by accident that loves me for me, got married again – even though I thought my heart and soul were too broken to love again
* met some amazing, strong women
* met some amazing, strong men
* everyone I’ve met has helped me get to where I’ve needed to, some people only flitted into my life briefly, literally an eye-meet in London, or stayed for a bit longer, but just long enough to teach me what I needed from them. Even if it was to show me that I needed and deserved more than what they could give me.
* I’ve seen friends grow up, have babies, a few have passed on.
* I’ve been to European cities, Cuba, Africa, I’ve been to the furthest Eastern point of Australia, hell I live in Australia – who would have thought that would happen as the Y2K clicked over and I wondered where my life went.

My life. I wish I could share with you how much it has changed, and not only geographically. I am more content, happier, settled, while I am working on my fitness and getting healthier, my body has taken me this far with little hiccup, I am proud that it has carried me to middle age. In a few weeks time, I will be 35 years old. I still don’t know what I want out of life, but if this past 10 years has taught me ANYTHING, I should trust my gut, listen to when my body reacts to what I do, what I eat. Instead of ignoring what it is telling me, when I acknowledge it, my body, my self will gently guide me to what is best for me.

If anyone out there can learn from this, please listen. You only have one life, and this is it. 10 years ago, I was lurching from mistake to mistake, running away from what was my path, while the separation was awful, it had to happen. Yes there were days when I wish I never got married, but they are long gone. My ex-husband had to show me what I needed from a marriage, what I deserved. It hurt, my God it hurt at the time, but at the end of the day, I have to be grateful for the whirlwind of our relationship.

The easiest way to start welcoming change into your life, is to be grateful for what you have. Don’t complain about what you don’t have, that won’t help or resolve anything. Everything good, life changing, from small to huge, that has come to me over the past decade is because I gave up struggling and let go. I let life happen, instead of resisting it. This next decade is now for me to start living by design, working out what I want and working out how to get there. Setting some goals, being grateful for what I have now, what I have worked through, what I have achieved, but also going out and getting the next stage of my life underway.

Be grateful, as this decade draws to a close, be thankful for what life has taught you over the past year and 10 years. Where can those lessons take you as we move into the one-der years (can someone please think of a better name for this decade and quickly?).

What do you think..?

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