2010 – what already!?

I can’t pretend to be sorry that 2009 is nearly over and done with. Yes it has been wonderful getting married and all, but it has been one hell of a year. I love the prospect of a new diary, mainly because it fulfils my stationery fetish, any excuse for a new notebook, pen, preferably pens – plural :) But also all those blank pages, such potential!

I have to take a trip to a stationery shop in a minute, and I am filled with glee. I am about to pull together my vision board for 2010. Some things I will move over from the last one, some new pictures need to be found, and I need to hang it up by my bed so it is the first thing I see when I wake up (apart from DG) and the last thing I see at night (apart from DG).

I’ve spent the last couple of days in various states of ‘ouch’ as I have started Bikram Yoga. Done in 39 degree heat, it ain’t easy. You sweat so much you might as well be in a swimming pool. You start and close each class with a breathing exercise, and for the rest of the 90 minutes you bend, push and stretch into some pretty unusual positions, there are balances, back strengtheners (is that a word), 26 poses in all, flexing and grunting our way through the class. I had a shower afterwards, and got dressed, note to self, don’t wear jeans, second note to self, wait for showers, cool down a bit first.

So I’ve done exactly what I wanted to do this break, I took a couple of days out for me, reading, watching DVDs and sleeping when I needed to. I’ve done a couple of classes, I’ve done some thinking, I’ve written one of the dreaded emails/letters, and found it surprisingly easy as it came from a place of love, not anger. I think had I tried to write it before, I would have vented, as it was, it flowed easily out of me. I re-read it and only changed a few things. Before it is sent, I will get DG to read it for me though to double check it is OK.

Now, I know I have been a bit pants at this lately, and I will be updating you more (yes I know you’ve heard that before) but I am deliberately writing this today as I need you all to hold someone in your thoughts for me tomorrow. I know; want, want, want. But you lot are so good, I know you will help.

The lovely Sara is having her first baby tomorrow by Cesarean section, so on Wednesday morning can you please send happy thoughts into the ether for her, Stewart and Baby Harris. I’m keeping my fingers crossed it all goes smoothly, sending love her way and what better way to close off the year and bring in a new one than with a new baby on the horizon.

Bonne Chance you lovely lady.

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