Fridge over Christmas break

One of the physios that shares our office said to me today.  “I love your emails when you’re angry!”  This is what he was referring to.




I will be clearing out the fridge/freezer on Monday, so we don’t leave any food festering in there while we are out for nearly 2 weeks in case of a power cut etc.  Can I ask you either to claim your foodstuffs and take them home, or you will lose them.  Having had a quick look, most of the things in there are past their use-by date anyway. 


While we’re talking fridge, if there is an open bottle of milk in there, don’t open another one!  We now have 2 bottles and a carton open; and it will be ‘someone else’s problem’ to remove the wasted, off and stinking milk because people haven’t used any common sense or the brains they’ve been blessed with.  In this office, N and I are the someone else, constantly clearing up after a group of bears with clothes. 


(If you think this is a bit harsh, be grateful.  I took some other sentences out this email before I sent it)


Kind Regards



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