A Good Days Work

It is mid-afternoon, it is almost as hot in the study as it is when I go to yoga, but Dan and I are ploughing through our piles of filing, of stuff, of all sorts of things. We’ve been busy today, he’s also gone through his wardrobe, found time to watch the rest of the … More A Good Days Work

Merging of minds

When Dan and I moved in together to qualify for my De Facto visa so I could emigrate to Australia with him, we merged a lot of things into our blended life; DVDs, books, cooking utensils, herbs and spices, booze cupboard and so on. We both like red wine, love films, reading books and in … More Merging of minds

Dear Me,

I picked up a lovely little book a month or so ago, from K-Mart of all places.  Writing letters to their 16 year old self, it features celebrities from my beloved Stephen Fry through to Tracey Emin, Elton John, Kim Wilde and more from all over the world.  The letters are heart-wrenching at times, lovely … More Dear Me,