In this Thanksgiving week…

To recognise one holiday in America that hasn’t been hijacked by Hallmark and merchandise, a little pause for thought to say thank you to:

* Everyone that has helped me on this journey to lead me to standing up and typing this in my kitchen to you tonight

* My Grandmothers, without them I wouldn’t be here at all, without them I wouldn’t have learnt that the best recipes are usually made up on the spot, the ones you remember will become household staples and the ones you ought to forget will be the meals that people remind you constantly about at parties and family get togethers.

* My parents, for teaching me that everyone should be treated with respect, for being a fellow human being, but that thereafter – respect has to be earnt. When you lose mine, you know about it, I’ll still be polite, but any favours you could have called in are cancelled.

* My brother, for showing me the best way to love is wholeheartedly, completely and without fear. Which is why so many of his friends have been his friends for so long.

* DG, who loves me wholeheartedly, completely and without fear and knows that when I need a sleep to leave me alone, when I need a cup of tea exactly what one I would like, and also when I think about him for no apparent reason, I’ll often get a text, call or email from him to say ‘Hi’.

What do you think..?

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