sorry, sorry, sorry

I know I have been lax of late, but if you saw my in-tray, my task list and how much work I’ve brought home with me to do tomorrow while at the cricket with DG you’d understand why.

All of us are back at work now, and the workload has ranked up accordingly. 2 of the senior staff have finished their 3 week holidays, and while Christmas should mean winding down, when you have a boss that bounces off the walls with ideas to take the company forward, it is hard work to keep up with him. Good job he is a genuinely nice man, who brings out the best in us.

DG’s work is creating merry havoc around him, the new ward is nearly finished, but very unfinished in terms of moving any patients into it. They keep getting random deliveries, which he keeps locking away, there are no indications of who they are for, or what they contain on the packages. Next week the officials are coming down to give them the certificate of occupancy, or not as the case maybe. Will let you know, but he doesn’t think they’ll be ready. They have to hook up oxygen, install beds and fittings, and they haven’t finished all the build yet.

Any hoo, we’ve had a great week outside of work. Spring is sprung, today has been 30 degrees c, tomorrow is predicted to be the same. We’ve had the air-con on downstairs, and are about to lug R2D2 upstairs to cool down the bedroom, which is like an oven at the moment. I went up for a sleep this afternoon, and while I dozed off; I came down looking like a lobster, pink from the heat, even with the blinds down and the balcony door open. But then earlier this week, we needed the quilt back on the bed, as it was really chilly overnight. Go figure.

We’ve also had a day off on Tuesday for Melbourne Cup day. Which is a public holiday given to Metro Melbourne for the horse race, yes I know. So while I enjoyed the lie-in and the extra day with my boy, I hated that $75m were bet on ONE race in a country of 22m people. Everywhere you go in toilets in pubs and clubs there are posters and notices asking if gambling is a problem for you, but then give everyone the day off to watch a frickin horse race – hello?! I am not going to go on about it, because I will get on a soap box, but needless to say, it pees me off.

After having the day off, finishing the ironing and watching a couple of films, we woke up on Wednesday, convinced it was Monday, which made for an interesting 3 days work for the rest of the week. Thursday I got the train into work, got to love Nunawading station, not. They are renovating the whole site, well completely gutting it, they’ve done extensive work on the level crossing, which caused total chaos as they levelled the road out (Mike drives into work over the junction and would frequently arrive slightly frazzled around the edges). Aside from those road works, they keep moving the ticket machines around, there is a huge gaping hole beside one platform and workmen stand around scratching their bums looking into said hole.

All this work isn’t doing anything for the all pervading stink of pee though. Even though on Thursday morning it was drizzling, I stood outside, rather than in the waiting room, which was fetid. Buying my ticket from the platform going into the city, instead of out the city to Boronia, as I said, they keep taking the machines away, you never know what you are going to get. (Although they are still getting ready for myki, the Oyster card for Melbourne, instead of buying the Oyster card system for however much it costs, they decided it would be cheaper to make their own. Yeah right, over budget, over schedule and Melbournian commuters are so ‘over it’). As I walked back to the other platform to get me to work, a blind man came up the ramp to get his train to work, he was greeted by name by one of the Connex staff, he said hello to her, and asked if he was on time for the 7:53. In all my years of commuting and travelling on trains, I’ve never seen anything like that kind of service, admittedly they’ve probably built up the relationship, it was still nice to see. I’d just missed a train, so had to wait for a bit, but I emailed a friend in the UK while I was waiting on my raspberry so was quite happy.

I’d got the train in as we were buying our fish tank from the shop just down the road from my office, Dan finishes before I do, so he drove over to me and I met him wandering around looking at tanks and fishes. We were asked if we needed any help, Dan said ‘We’ve just got married and are looking for some children’ I groaned inwardly. She was very helpful, even with our daft first timer questions, and we came out with a 100 litre tank, stand, gravel, stones, two lumps of driftwood, chemicals, testing kits and strict instructions. We put everything together, added the chemicals according to instructions and left it to simmer.

Friday night we watched The Assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford. Very good, Jim – you’ll love it. While Brad Pitt is amazing in it, impossibly good looking as always, but Casey Afleck is simply outstanding, he acts everyone off the screen, and considering who he’s up against, that is no mean feat. Sam Rockwell is great as always (looking forward to watching Moon when that comes out), and while it is long – 157 minutes, the attention to detail in the props, clothes, houses, settings and lighting blows you away. As a bonus, Nick Cave did the music, so I was wiggling my toes in pleasure at that.

Today we had a mini lie-in (8am), had breakfast and drove to Albert Park for a walk around the lake. It’s about 5.5km round, we did it in 45 minutes. Dodging rowers and sailboats being lowered into the lake, we saw Pelicans, herons, lots of black swans and their cygnets, ducks and fluffy ducklings, how cute are they, and cutest of all, moor-hen chicks that look like enlarged bumble bees floating about.

We’ve decided that next week, we’ll get up earlier as it was already hot when we were walking around, but it was a great start to the day. We then drove over to Coburg to the biggest aquarium shop in Melbourne. We brought our mix of live and artificial plants, we’ve planted (ahem) them and the tank looks amazing. We tested the water this morning, and we were within all the parameters of all three levels already so felt very chuffed with ourselves. I’ve donated one of my multitude of blank notebooks to the cause so we can keep an eye on them weekly. Next week we are buying fish, so will let you have a photo when there is some livestock in there. But trust me, it looks great already.

Tomorrow, he’s off to play cricket, I will drop him off, work from home then go down for a couple of hours to watch him and sit out in the sun for a bit. We’ve got his cousins coming over for dinner on Monday, we’re trying to catch up with some friends on Friday and I need to ring Susan and Les to see them this coming weekend. Busy, busy.

But I love it!

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