It’s not often 86 year old men make me cry…

… but this World War II veteran did. I wish more people would understand that we are a human family. That we are all equal, that no-one is better than another, that we are more alike than we are different and xenophobia, homophobia and religious zealots who read and proclaim part of their holy books, but ignore that God is INCLUSIVE not EXCLUSIVE – so He loves everyone, no matter size, shape, colour, height, weight, blue eyes, brown eyes, white skin, green skin, orange skin. Your God is not better than my God, because your God tells you the same as my God – to do unto others as you would have done unto you/ cast not the first stone/ love your neighbour.

You can’t say ‘You’re welcome in my place of worship, and you, and you. But you’re not because you are wearing red shoes.’ Because that is how silly and stupid you are are for excluding homosexuals, women, people of different race, creed and colour. Study the books properly, learn that you have to love everyone, or you can’t call yourself religious.

The central light that is shining at the heart of all religion is the peace and love that is at the core of the Human Family. The feeling you get when you help a friend who is dire straits or when you donate your last money in your purse to someone who needs it more than you, the feeling you get when you lie on your back and watch clouds in the sky, or when you get the feeling of complete and utter calm inside when you finally live fully in the moment and everything is clearer and sharper.

It is not for penalising other people that don’t fit in the box.

What do you think..?

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