Spring has sprung, the grass is ris, I know exactly where the birdies is

They are sat in the bushes and trees beside our house, serenading each other prettily. I think some of them are nesting in the bushes in our garden too, I was hanging washing out yesterday and they were charging around, chirping merrily and rustling in the bushes like people looking for bargains in the sales.

We’ve had some pretty weird weather patterns over the past couple of weeks, long periods of blue skies, interspersed with some torrential downpours. We’ve been told excitedly by weather men that we’ve had a whole months worth of water flow into the storage dams in a week! Yes, we noticed. The last couple of weekends though have been dry, allowing me to do load after load of washing. The perils of having people to stay over I guess.

We are officially back to normal now. The last of our guests have left for the UK; bringing to a close a month of people in Australia that aren’t normally here. We’ve enjoyed seeing them all, but we do find it odd seeing friends from the UK, displaced out to Melbourne, the probably thought the same thing with me in the UK in August for Patrick’s wedding though. One of the best things we’ve found is that we can just go out, or go shopping, we don’t have to think ‘Wedding’ in the back of our minds wherever we go. Which, although I am pleased we’re married, it is such a relief it is over and done with.

Likewise with work, the new build at Hubs’ work is nearing completion, the Annual Report and Directors’ Conference is over and done with for me, so we’re both trying to catch up on everything that has been put onto the back burner while the bigger projects took up our time. But it definitely feels like the pressure is off now.

We had a great weekend too, which always helps. Dan wandered into work on Saturday and spent 8 hours tinkering in his woodshed building boxes, and ended up being covered in wood-dust from feet to eyebrows. I volunteered with Interchange, we took some teenagers to play adventure golf, which was hilarious. I went round with Natalie, and it was a good job we didn’t keep score as I was racking up a score the English Cricket team would have been pleased to get, she got 2 holes in 1. Which she took great delight in, especially the first one where she made a mad swipe to get the ball over a water feature and bridges, it ricocheted off a brick and straight into the hole. I nearly fell over laughing.

We then were invited to a work colleague’s house to celebrate Diwali with him and his family. We were spoiled rotten with the food Aman’s wife had prepared for us, we both ate way too much. We had a great evening chatting with them.

Sunday rolled around with Dan’s alarm going off at 8:20, he switched it off and we both went back to sleep. He brought me breakfast in bed about 10, I laid there as long as I could, snuggled under the duvet. He was playing cricket at 1pm, so I whizzed up to the shops to get some provisions for the early part of the week, he went off to play and I started on the house. I gave it a good girlie clean, moving the couch out and hoovering underneath it, whereas Dan will hoover round it. I did 6 loads of washing, most of it dried outside, there’s only an airer full in the dining room under the air vent, we’ve a mountain of ironing to do (more later). I hoovered and mopped my way round the house, dusted, changed the bed, cleaned the bathrooms and managed to read the paper and watch a couple of Oprahs through the day too.

Peeling potatoes for dinner, I managed to peel the top off my left hand middle finger’s nail. Right down to the capilleries, it is incredibly painful, and while it is bandaged, I really don’t know what to do with it as any pressure on it is sore. Including typing. Dan will have to iron for me this week, which will be interesting, on my part not his, as I readily admit that ironing is what I am more than a bit ‘OCD’ about. I had a shower this morning wearing a rubber glove, as water hurts it, I did my hair one handed (interesting is a polite way of describing the do I have today), and rolling over in bed and touching it against anything was enough to wake me up. I know it is only a little injury, but nails take so long to grow back, that is what I am worried about. It’s not like I can leave it to get some air, and it’ll toughen up in a couple of hours like skin does. I will google in a minute, and scare myself probably.

This week in the office will be deathly quiet. J and 2 others of the SMT are out, so there will be all of 6 of us here, and only 2 of them sit near me, and they are both out on the road for a couple of days a week. Fingers crossed I get lots of work done, although I hope my left hand is up for it. Pathetic aren’t I?

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