Bathurst weekend

For all those petrol heads out there, this weekend is the Bathurst 1000. Having driven round the mountainous circuit, not getting out of 3rd gear lest we drove too quick and lost it round a corner, to end up shooting out over the edge of the hill, I admire them for their fearlessness, or stupidity! It is a gorgeous place, right in the middle of nowhere, Mount Panorama, the hill itself rises up out of fairly flat land around it, in the middle of the track is a hotel, a vineyard and lots of kangaroos. Which have been the subject of the news this week as they have been culled to prevent accidents as they have a tendency to hop over the track as the cars fly past. Animal activists are up in arms, but I don’t remember them banging on about the roos that get squashed daily all over Australia by cars in the outback. Perhaps we should all live in trees, eat mung beans and not wear deodorant?

I’ve had a productive day today, prompted by DG looking for something, I suggested he looked in one still half-un-packed box, not there. I pointed to another couple of boxes, ‘What about in those?’ ‘No, I’ve already looked.’ After 2 hours of rummaging around and generally tidying up, DG looked in said second set of boxes and found what he was looking for. He’d evidently had a ‘boys’ look and not a ‘girls’ look.

The study is looking in better shape than it has done since we moved in though, I’ve sorted through a lot of cr@p, thrown stuff out, recycled other bits and added to the charity box. We still have a way to go, the basket of things to actually do and sort out is like a teeter-totter, one more wafer thin mint and it’ll blow, but at least it’s all in one cubby hole not all over the desk, floor and shelves. I’ve also dug out the cross stitch I need to do for Christmas for Piper, unrolled my vision board which is now lying flat with all 4 corners weighted down so I can put it up, and add to it. All my inspiration book cuttings, magazines needing to be culled and stuck in to it are in another cubby-hole (another teeter-totter).

I’ve also made the bed for the Bears visit next week, hoovered their room and the study, and dusted both. We brought some new guest towels recently, everytime we wash them we end up with green woofees all over the house, I think I will have to find a laundrette and shove them in the dryer one day to get them off once and for all. I’ve also done 4 loads of washing, the latest of which has just finished so will go outside in a minute, the other 3 loads are now added to the Mount Etna pile of ironing I need to do.

DG has been into work for most of the morning, monitoring 2 sets of plumbers, there were 2 different jobs that needed the water switched off. He’s also been looking forward to this race for ages, so he’s parked himself on the couch after doing his bit of pottering. This morning when he left for work, I forced myself back to sleep (bliss) and got out of bed at 10am. I have been more productive today than I thought I would be, and it feels great. We’re off to collect Aged Ps at 5, then going to catch up with Susan and Les in Mt Dandenong for dinner. I’ve not seen them since April, so it will be great to say howdy.

Tomorrow APs come over for breakfast, they are off to the airport for midday to catch their flight home. I am sure there will be tears tomorrow. We have no plans to go back to the UK for at least 3 or 4 years, so we have no idea when we will see them again.

What do you think..?

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