Le wedding AKA “Best laid plans of mice”

Please let me just say upfront, off the cuff and at the beginning – we had a great day, but:

• Despite a request not to cut my cuticles, as they only shred when they are cut instead of being pushed back, the manicurist knew better. So I now have red raw fingers, with little hangnails and flaps that keep catching on pockets, in my wallet, on paper etc.

• Taking the wedding cake down to Queenscliff, the car behind us was driven into at speed, bouncing him to within an inch of our bumper as we waited at a set of traffic lights, it was only because he had left a larger than normal space we weren’t included in the prang too.

• The florist got the day mixed up; so when we went to collect the flowers, she thought we were getting married on the Friday, not the Thursday. Queue one panicked florist; I have never seen someone look so scared in my life as she did when we walked into her shop.

• The make-up artist went to the wrong hotel, so was a bit late, by which time the Bride was pacing in the hotel room, trying to keep her sandwich down. Having said make-up done, Bride was very queasy, not necessarily nerves, it could have been the hangover?

• The Celebrant arrived late, so late that the CD of music we had carefully chosen, burnt and spent ages sorting into the right order was worthless as gifts to the guests. “Here is the music you ‘should have heard’” – and despite being asked to play the CD till the end as we had chosen music to take photos too. The Celebrant’s roadie moved it back to the song we came in on. So, listening to the CD in the car back to Melbourne as I type this, half the music chosen by us for our wedding was missed out completely.

• The red wine flowed freely, despite attempts to stem the tide. King Canute did a better job of holding the fluid back.

But, the look on Dan’s face as I walked down stairs to him was worth the slightly frazzled edges to the day. We said our vows to each other as the celebrant rattled through the service, looking at each other and talking so only we could hear them. Holding hands, we showed everyone that we have made a commitment to each other, although this morning, it doesn’t feel any different at all. Which is a good thing, as neither of us wanted it, us, ‘Team LG’, to change; it will grow, it will evolve, but fundamentally our relationship will remain the same.

So we drive back in the sunshine to Melbourne with a car full of goodies; presents to open, cards to read, flowers to put into vases and a frock that needs a dry-clean, but will be looked at lovingly by both of us. I know some people will look at the photos and wonder why I chose it, but others will look at the photos and understand exactly why I chose it. When I was in the dress, hair and make-up done, with my flower in my hair, I felt so happy – I looked exactly how I wanted to, for once in my life. *nods*

What do you think..?

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