Sunday night

Hello one and all,

I know you have been waiting for me to update you all, and especially now that we are creeping closer to the wedding you will want me to blog, but I really don’t know where the time is going to with no time to witter on at you with what we are doing. So while Midsommer Murders is on, I thought I would give you a quick update, in between dodgey tea rooms and viking long boat races. There has been a body found in a model village, only in middle England. Chief Inspector Barnaby is up there with Miss Marple, Poirot and Angela Landsbury as people you don’t want to be sat next to either at dinner, on a cruise ship, on a train or in the theatre.

Back to real life, this week has been busy with me coming back from the Directors’ Conference on Monday afternoon. Navigating myself home from just north of Hanging Rock, down the freeway and through Melbourne, very adventurous for me. I am normally too busy looking out the window to wonder where we are going, either that or asleep :D, but then yesterday I drove out to Geelong (more later). On Tuesday, I had the day off, woke up with DG and drove him into work so I could get the train into the CBD. While we live in a suburb with a train station, it is at the end of the line so takes nearly an hour to get in to the city if the train stops everywhere, so I drove into East Malvern to cut the journey time down. I was going in for a dress fitting, I had to wear my shoes to be pinned up to the right length, the dress was much more finished than before. I would love to tell you more about said frock, but you will have to take my word for it, when I stood there grinning like a loon, with my hair scraped back into a side parting, hardly any make up on, I still looked great.

After my fitting, I hopped back onto the train, then drove to Chadstone to spend my ‘thank you’ voucher. I was determined to get something frivolous, so brought a new perfume. Bouquet by Vera Wang, if you’re interested. I couldn’t make my mind up what I wanted to get, I looked at handbags (don’t need another one), sunglasses (don’t need any), books (why spend it on books there?) and generally thought that if I don’t spend it soon, the store detectives will wonder what I am doing.

With 3 days at work this week, and still not really caught up from while we’ve been away, I am not too sure where it has gone to be honest. I still have a lot to do this week, then I am off work again for a week – as we’re getting married. Have I told you that?

I will finish this off tomorrow, sorry folks – but Midsommer Murders is taking up more of my attention than this is. I reckon I know whodunnit…

What do you think..?

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