Stormy weather

We’ve had a bit of a storm blow through over the past 24-48 hours, with more heavy weather predicted.  One of the Practices in the city had a flurry of cancellations late yesterday afternoon as people were advised to leave the city and get home as soon as they could.  Driving home yesterday I was buffeted around, and had the wipers on full blast at one point.  I drove through about 6 inches of standing water too.  Coming in this morning, there was debris all over the road, twigs, leaves, branches and a tree had blown down in a yard on my route in.  Mike was driving home last night and watched a tree fall into the road, then 4 cars pile into it in front of him.  He turned round and went home on the freeway, saying ‘I didn’t want to drive where there were any more trees!’


The building we are in at work creaks and groans, the big gum tree opposite that I watch the cockatoos sit in, chatter and look at the leaves has been swaying around like mad, the leaves blowing like a fighter pilot’s silk scarf.  We have a flat roof too, so when it rains, you can hear every drop.  When they are the size they were, hitting the speed they were yesterday, it was a bit bluddy noisy in here.


I am not too sure what this will do for the water situation over here, it came down too heavy to be of any use really.  I think most of it will have run off into storm drains and straight out to sea, I don’t know if any will reach the water table.  Even if it does, more and more people are having bores dug into their gardens to give them a supply of water for their plants, bottle water still is being produced by the gallon and that has to come from somewhere, it isn’t rain water they are using!


The latest on the car park out the back, (as I am sure you are all riveted and on tenterhooks to know about, it is driving us mad, so it’s only fair I update you all). We have had huge holes dug and filled, we’ve had men stand around scratching their butts while they work out what they are going to do about the kerbs and drains that they started at either end of the car park; but didn’t quite meet in the middle, just like the Watford Gap.  We are now coming in every morning to try and work out where we will park today, as they block off random areas to tarmac them.  Just when you think I can park there tomorrow, they close it off again to paint lines on it.  Open it up the next day, then close it off again so all the workmen can park there the day after.  We’ve given up and either park in the other long term car park; further to walk and risk of shopping trolley being pranged into your car, or in McDonalds over the road, or take our chances in the 2 hour slots on the street outside.  It’s like parking bingo, as people peer out the windows to see if they have a parking ticket; Big Mac wrapper under their windscreen wiper or shopping trolley rammed into their wing mirrors.


I woke up bright and early at 4am today, so am on my chin straps now.  I stayed up later too last night, but it still didn’t work.  I am not going to beat myself up about it, I will take a sleeping tablet tonight though, which should push me through to 6ish.  I keep yawning at work, much to their hilarity, but I am also losing concentration too, so will be leaving shortly.  I’ll have a disco nap when I get in for 20 minutes, so I can function as a human this evening, rather than a zombie and post myself off to sleep in sheer bliss at being back in my bed again.  It is such a lovely bed, so comfy, so huge!  When we go to sleep, the pair of us hang over the edge on our sides, so there is probably room for another couple in between us!

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