Don’t you just hate it when you are right?

I had no jetlag going to the UK, so confidently predicted I would have lots coming back to Oz. Lots?? Lots??

I was in bed for 5:15pm on Monday, stayed there for 13 hours, including eating dinner in bed (thank you DG). Yesterday I stayed up till 9ish, but still woke up at 4am, raring to go. Except at that time of day, I ain’t going nowhere! I could go to the gym, but my kit is in the wardrobe which would mean waking Dan up to get at it, I will drag it out tonight just in case this happens again, not that I can get to the gym until 6am, but at least I have the option. Much better than playing Farmville and emailing long missives to friends.

I don’t get Farmville, I am playing it, but not entirely sure why, or what I should be doing, but the animals look cute, so I guess I’ll stick with it for another week or so.

I could do the ironing, I could catch up on my Oprahs, I could read, I could do a lot of things, so I will close for now. The photos are starting to come in on Facebook of Patrick and Caireen’s wedding, luckily I seem to be out of most of them. No such luck for our wedding, the bride does tend to get plonked in the front of them somewhat, I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it though.

I am taking a sleeping tablet tonight, I *may* get through to 5am then.

What do you think..?

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