Now, I know I am a door-mouse at the best of times, but I think I have probably snoozed or slept over 24 hours in the past 36.  I was falling asleep as we were taking off on the flight to KL, missed a meal (!) as I was spark out, slept for about 7 hours on that leg.  Fell asleep again on the leg into Melbourne, again as we were taking off, I was nodding away in my seat.  When I landed I was wide awake, waiting for my boy on the other side of passport, immigration, customs and baggage handling can do that to a girl.  Yesterday afternoon, I had a snooze, and slept solidly for 5 hours.  I am now at my desk, thinking I don’t think I will make 6pm tonight before I crawl back into the arms of Morpheus.


It has nothing to do with the lovely, huge, brand new bed we took delivery of at all.  Ok, maybe slightly.  I felt miles away from DG last night, but that we can both nearly starfish and not touch each other is great.  As much as I love him, I want as much of the bed and quilt as possible, so at least for the time being, I think I am getting all the bed.  As soon as it warms up and he goes to his single duvet that is as thick as a teabag, I will be in seventh heaven.  I can’t wait to get back into bed tonight.


I booked a course of sun beds today, and showed the lady in the shop my random streak of sunburn, they are going to help me sort it out ready for the wedding.  She offered to St Tropez me, but I politely declined, explaining I only ever go orange and I don’t want to look like a WAG wannabe for ‘we do’.  I go in on Friday, to start rotisserie chickening myself ready for a backless dress.  Keep your fingers crossed folks.





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