Homeward bound

Well, this may be my last epistle from the UK for a while, unless I am a roving reporter when I charge into town this morning. Catching up with everyone I saw was great, but I know I have missed so many more. When Dan and I come back (don’t know when – but will let you know) we will base ourselves in one place and will receive people like royalty, instead of me charging about like a lunatic.

It has been fun, but hectic:

* 10509 air miles from Melbourne to London
* 600+ miles in my hire car round Hampshire and London
* 2 weddings
* 1 speech
* shopping, clothes and a cricket bat to add to my case now
* lots of kisses and cuddles, hugs and tears
* Met up with: Aged Ps; Patrick and Caireen; Erika and Ian; Liz, Jim, Ellie and Mark; Jenny, Danny, Tabitha and Alexander; Helen, Paul and baby Luke; Sonia, Sarah, Leanny and Miffy; Alice; Sara; Gresham coven; visited Helen’s grave.
* Had an icecream with Mark; Pimms with Alice; lunch with Sara; nachos with Gresham; coffee with Danny; breakfast, lunch, dinner and alcohol with Sonia, Sarah and Leanny; a wedding breakfast with P & C; Maltesers with Helen; Chee-bor-gays with The Bears; the list goes on and on.

It has been a great couple of weeks, but as I sit here typing with bed head, the prospect of packing everything back into the case stretches in front of me, don’t think I will be at 14kg on the way home! I am also hank marvin, drinking copious amounts of white wine and fizz (thank you Sheryl) last night will do that to you, so need some breakfast.

Some things never change though, I left City Point in plenty of time to make 1 of 2 trains that would get me in fairly early. Because of ‘minor delays’ on the Circle Line [read no trains friggin appeared], I missed both and ended up on the last one home. I killed an hour as I missed one train by 4 minutes, on Victoria concourse by eating a Burger King (will pay for that later) and watching drunken city workers walk like chess pieces to their trains with one step forward, two sideways.

So I love you and leave you all, all over again.

What do you think..?

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