Ladies what lunch

I've just met up with the lovely Sara over lunch in Selfridges. We've put the world to rights, gossiped, laughed and exchanged presents. On leaving there, I walked through Soho and China town and am now watching the world go by in Leicester square. I gave up getting served in All Bar One, so walked over to Yates's and am chuckling at fat americans in the queue for theatre tickets.

I'll then cross over to Bank and meet with the Gresham ladies for a vino. We do that so well!

This morning I wandered around Trafalgar Square on the phone to DG while he tried to find me on web cams, gave up as he couldn't see me. I however, did wave at the Aussie cricket team, well their bus as it drove out to the ground. This test could be an interesting test to our relationship, an Ashes decider. Hmmm.

I've enjoyed my time over here, meeting up with family and friends, but some of my best times in the past 2 weeks have been when I have been on my own. Ladies, never be afraid of your own company! It is too precious.

What do you think..?

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