Aren’t you beautiful?

Roving reporter checking in.

On my way to get lunch and my dry cleaning today, I walked past the pet shop here in Boronia, it also does dog grooming. The door opened and out shot a little white dog on a leash, about the same size as a ferret.

It was one of those dogs that drinks espressos before its’ owner wakes up, like in the Far Side cartoon. Yappy, snorting, un-trained, rambunctious, because on the end of its’; leash was a little old lady exclaiming “Don’t you look beautiful, aren’t you beautiful!” On said dog was a tartan coat, and tartan bow. Which clashed, the bow was green, the coat red.

Now I don’t own a dog, never have owned a dog – but I know enough about dogs to know they have perfectly good hair, so don’t need to wear a coat. Look at friggin Huskies in the snow and ice! But if my dog was to wear a coat, I would at least make sure it matched with accessories. Imagine if it met someone it knew?

“Get dressed in the dark did we?” Said the doberman to the ferret.

“Tell me about it, butbecause I have had a bath, I can sit on her lap and eat biscuits all evening. Does my bum look big in this yet?”

What do you think..?

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