Sunday night

We’ve had an odd day, I collected Dan and Matt from the station, slightly squiffy from watching the football at the MCG. After the day I had I wanted a glass of wine, (or two) so at 11:30 I opened a bottle. They helped me finish it, we put on Hot Fuzz, laughed and joked the next couple of hours away, opened another bottle and tottered up to bed after 2am. I can’t remember the last time I was up until the wee hours, which is quite sad really!

This morning I was woken by Dan gulping water down, rolling over and announcing his hangover was in the post, but hadn’t arrived yet. We both had showers, Matt was downstairs trying to get outside a cup of coffee, looking green around the gills. I then had to go to the local supermarkado to get some eggs and bread for them. I started cooking bacon, realised I had forgotten the butter, swore a bit (a lot) and went back out again. As soon as bacon, eggs and copious amounts of toast with veggiemite hit their bellies they felt better. Matt had a shower and they both left for a card show. I read the paper for a bit, then put on some Oprah’s and did the ironing. Reasoning that as I was working till past 10pm last night, and one of the biggest things that was stressing me out was the ironing, get that done and I would feel happier.

I do. I still have a mountain of work to do, I’ve done some more today, but at the end of the day, the weekends are supposed to be ‘my time’. If I have to stay behind till silly o’clock tomorrow, then so be it, but DG is fed up of seeing me frazzled and hunched over my lap top.

Matt didn’t have time to stay for the roast lamb that we had planned, so we packed him off for his drive back to NSW with a lamb and mint jelly sandwich instead, which looked so nice we both had one for lunch too. We started watching the Watchmen, again me on the lap top, but the late night caught up with me and I had to go up for a siesta. Two hours of blissful slumber later, I came back downstairs and skyped Aged Ps.

I’ve just nuked some left over gnocchi and beans, Dan is going to deliver me a cup of tea, the cricket is on the TV, I need to make the bed (I just crashed out on the mattress under the quilt this afternoon), get some clothes ready for the week ahead. I may try and get my head round some more work in a bit, but then again I may not.

I may have felt overwhelmed last night, but I was generally frustrated, I feel much happier today, because I know I have done my best. At the end of the day, that is all anyone of us can do.


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