Movin’ Out

What a weekend! Totally impossible to have achieved without Ross, Leonie and Lachy. We ended up with 4 and a bit car loads and 2 van loads, so much for DG’s boy’s spacial awareness and ‘We’ll get it all in 1 van’. Also with getting the big shelving unit down the stairs and out the door, I told him weeks ago that we would have to break it down, but it was Lachy looking at it going ‘Nuh’ that made him attack it with an allen key. Even if we had got it out the garret, we never would have got it up the stairs in the house in one piece.

About 8am I dropped Dan off to collect the van and took the first car load into the new house, then headed back to finish packing kitchen bits. When everyone arrived we packed the first load up, it took about an hour in total to get it all in the cars and van, then drove off in convoy to the house. Emptying was quicker, but the majority of the first trip was all things to go upstairs, which puffed us out. Ross swept the garage out of leaves and admired his handiwork then disappeared off to his acupuncture appointment. We then stopped for a drink, then Lachy and Dan whizzed off to get the last load in the van and some lunch.

Leonie and I started unpacking and cleaning the cupboards as the ‘Professional Cleaners’ had done such a great job. Bleach, rubber gloves and a strong constitution required for some corners. We weren’t expecting it to be great, as we saw when we viewed the house it was a bit, well, dirty. It does make me wonder how people are happy to live in houses with mould marching up the bathrooms and inches of dust everywhere. Any hoo, when the next load arrived more leaves, dust and debris had blown into the garage, giving us the giggles as Ross arrived back muttering about them all. He then swept it out all over again, but as we had found the dust pan by then he was able to get in all the corners. (I won’t tell him that they blow in under the door when it is closed if you won’t.)

We are now on Tuesday, the phone line is connected tomorrow, so we should have t’internet back up and running in time to call Aged M and wish her happy birthday. I bleached our en suite bathroom last night, with a stiff bristle brush to get in all the corners and felt a lot happier for having done it. Even though we had showers in the shower for the past couple of days; it didn’t feel *clean* when we got out, if you know what I mean, or is it my OCD?? But I know it isn’t my OCD when you rotate the venetian blinds to see if pointing down they don’t let as much light in and you can write ‘yuck’ in the dust on them.

We ordered a new bed to be delivered in 2-4 weeks on Sunday, so we can actually have a guest bedroom, with a bed in it! Matty will be relieved. We are keeping it as a guest bedroom, with nothing of ours being stored in it at all. We have more than enough space in the rest of the house without encroaching on that area. Peter Walsh would be proud of us.

Books are out and slowly populating the shelves; I introduced Violet the African Violet to the dining room and have given her a window so she can look out and look pretty while she does it; pictures are up on some walls (bliss, we weren’t allowed to put hooks in the walls of the garret); we are slowly unpacking things and finding homes for everything; a trip to IKEA is planned for Thursday (yay!) so we can buy some storage solutions for the cupboard under the stairs and bathrooms, another Billy, and I can prowl round the market place.

If anyone finds my iTrip, sleep mask and the other 101 things that we just dumped in boxes in the hurry to move, but thought we’d remember where they were – let us know.

Yours, happier for moving, but twitching coz she can’t find everything…

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