Roving reporter

I sit on the train for my last journey to work from the garret, after DG dropped me off at Caulfield station for the last time. While I will no doubt go to work on the train again in the future, it will not, not ever be from where have been living again.
Do you get the sense of relief coming through?
I was woken at 5am today by the sodding bin men, then the recycling truck did the same thing at 6.12. The stupid eejits left bins in the lane way, even though they drive down it, so they know it gets used. Makes you wonder how some people function with othes on this planet it really does.
I go to work today with: laptop, Nokia E71, BlackBerry Pearl (that still doesn't work), digital camera, back-up tape and iPod. All in all, I am probably carrying a couple of grand's worth of gadgets and priceless information to boot. While I am using the Nokia to witter for your reading pleasure, and have created a spreadsheet for work, am listening to Sarah Brightman belting out 'Symphony' at this moment (worth a listen, big old ballad; choir, strings, lovely lyrics and a world class voice – fab), do I really need to cart this all about? No. I know drive to work most days, but this is ridiculous particularly when I add luch, fruit and gym stuff to it all. Major trimming required.
I listened to Rev Ed Bacon this morning too, his sermons are on iTunes so easy to find, found myself thinking about Voldemort with what he was saying about how God sees to the heart of people, humans see the outward appearance. Not that I want to change anything about the end of the marriage, but I started to wonder exactly what Wormtail said to Voldemort to ensure he stayed with her? They are welcome to each other, but hearing Rev Bacon talking about people coming from a house of fear instead of a house of love made me question anew why?
Never mind, it was a fleeting thought.
Muchos congratulations to Gareth and Charlotte in Dubai, who are proud parents of Noah. Born on Sunday, I forgot to tell you. They emigrated out there before I came out here and have both been helpful to me. Noah is beautiful, he looked a bit shocked in the early brand new photos, but then I expect we all did! I showed him to Nelly at work yesterday, she got all clucky and she is a gramma.
Nearly at my stop, so will close for now, busy night tonight, packing and un-doing of furniture. Thank god for Ikea I can tell you.

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