I am a human being, get me out of here!

Three more nights. Three more sodding nights.

Today is Wednesday, we leave on Saturday. This week we have had our bins filled up with their rubbish, then moved. Luckily this is, thus far the only thing the stupid bints have done, however I am sure there will be more before the week is out. But oooh, if I get through to Saturday without a shouting match I will be extremely surprised.

We are trying to keep on top of the washing so we don’t have too much to do this weekend, I am going to clean the microwave in a minute and do some ironing. I also need to do some work on a spreadsheet for work, but I am waiting for more information before I can complete it.

Busy at work, my predecessor has dropped a rather large one on the Directors’ Conference, she didn’t check the venue held for us out properly so we have a major problem with accomodation issues. I have spent most of yesterday and today trying to source another one. Not easy to do with 19 children to factor in and entertain.

Gah! Must close, stuff to do. Not too sure how much I’ll be able to blog the next couple of days. I’ll do my best for you, but expect some radio silence.

What do you think..?

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