Pregnancy spike?

Dan made me laugh this morning, he wondered if there would be a sudden flurry of babies born 9 months from tonight in April. His reasons?

1. The Ashes first test has finished, so no late night TV watching
2. The Tour De France is on a rest day, ditto
3. Mark Webber won his first Grand Prix

So women all over the country will get their husbands back into bed at a normal time, instead of them coming to bed in the wee hours like they would have done for the past week.

Yes, we are having an early night too. Mainly because neither of us slept well last night, I got caught up in my headphones and nearly strangulated myself. But we will take precautions. I’ll wear a nightie.

On another note, two guys at work are off with the ‘flu. One was told to rest until he was better, the other told not to come in until Thursday – he said he will see how he feels on Wednesday and maybe come in. Why don’t people listen to their doctors? And think they know better, I don’t see all these experts comepleting the same studies that GPs do?

One thought on “Pregnancy spike?

  1. If you sick, for crying out loud, STAY HOME. . .Nobody wants their germs. Do they not get that?Sounds like you are feeling better!?!P.S. A little heads up. . . Night gowns never stop my husband from trying!


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