Wheat free – the first week

I have driven Dan mad today, because I leapt out of bed, full of energy and was jabbering away at him non-stop while he was still coming too after watching the cricket till the wee hours. Poor DG. This is one of many bonus side effects that I have experienced this week, aside from watching the scales creep down in the right direction.

From Monday last week I have had no wheat, dairy or meat (or booze) and eaten only fruit, veg, grains and rice. I am also taking chlorella, spirulina, milk thistle, extra vitamins, psyllium husks and drinking lots of water as a bit of a purge. Yes the dress measurements are at the end of the month, but I was also fed up of feeling sluggish and lethargic. I listened to my body saying ‘Oi’, and it is responding well.

It does take some preparation and thinking about though, you need to plan ahead even more than normal. Today I’ve made a soup for the week, ratatouille (as last week’s was so yummy, I wanted another one) and will make a salad later too. It also means that I eat independently of DG at some meals, although if it means him not having to cook, he will eat it quite happily.

The only thing that annoys me as last night was a shining example of: when you are out for a meal and try to explain that this is what I am doing, ‘But you’re not vegetarian. What are you ordering that for? Why don’t you just have a bit, a little bit won’t hurt you?’ I just smile sweetly and ignore them. I am fed up of explaining and explaining.

We whizzed down to see Lachy, Ney and the rugrats today. It was Piper’s birthday last week, and we missed it as I was signed off as contagious so we took her present down today for her and had lunch with them. I packed a vegimite sandwich to add to the salad I was going to have, drunk a couple of glasses of water, no questions, no inquisition nothing. We only spent just over an hour there, but we had a great time.

This week coming will be busy. We pick up the keys to the new house on Friday, so I am going to go through my wardrobe, select 5 x work options and a couple of ‘comfortables’ options and start to pack everything else away. I would like it so the cupboards are completely empty on Saturday morning, so we can just load up and drive off into the sunset, flicking the bird behind us.

We do have to come back here next week to clean it, not that it will need much as Dan, God love him, spruced it up on Friday ready for the opening for prospective tenants on Saturday. Considering we were in the MCG when she rang, saying she was lost and couldn’t find it, 5 minutes late – we don’t think anyone came in at all. There was no card left on the bench to indicate that anyone had been in. We didn’t switch the heating on all morning, so it was baltic in here. I’ve also written ‘move out of this sh!t hole’ across the calendar still hanging on the fridge, in case anyone read it.

Dan called the energy company, told them we were moving out on x date and that we wanted to be hooked up at the new place from y date. When asked, ‘Did you want the electricity to stay on?’ he said no. Unfortunately, the garage door is linked to our supply. Wish I was a fly on the wall for the tantrum when they can’t open the door. Bwhahaha.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Then it is the sweetest of all.

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