Busy busy

We have a weekend booked in this weekend. In so far, we are having a social life!

Tomorrow we are off to watch Carlton v Richmond at the MCG, in The Long Room no less. So I don’t have to sit outside with the hoi-poloi, I get a padded chair too (very handy when the game can last over 2 hours). We also get to dress up a little bit, although it is going to be chilly tomorrow so I am going in a variation of a work outfit. From there we are heading into then out of the city to go out for dinner with my work cronies. We are off to a Greek restaurant, where there are no menus, you eat what they bring you. So could be interesting with the no: wheat, meat, dairy fix I am on at the moment. I’ll eat round things if needs be. And take extra nuts.

Sunday I am off to The Quakers, then we are going to see Lachy and Ney with Pippy’s birthday present for some lunch. Ditto on food. I may take a sandwich stashed in my bag both days too.

Then I get to Skype Aged Ps and hopefully Wiz which will be great. I also have brought some work home with me, not too sure when I will fit that in, but even if I get an hour in, I won’t have the phone ringing or people asking me questions.

Have a lovely weekend peeps. Will update you all later. I have been taking photos too on my travels this week after the feedback I got from the UK over the last lot.

What do you think..?

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