A whole brand new week!

The possibilities are endless really. My weeks always start on a Monday, being a PA my main focus at work is he in the right place at the right time, which over the weekends I don’t have to care about, so Monday up – off we go.

Except that today I am a lady of leisure-ish. I set my alarm for 8am, then ignored it, I woke up when my body woke me up at 9.40am, (though why today it did that and not Sunday when it woke me at 7am heaven alone knows). I am dressed, about to have breakfast and then I am going outside, I am going to leave the house. I am very excited at this prospect. It won’t be a smash and grab at the supermarkado, it will be a leisurely walk to Carnegie, visit shops, potter about, and then more bliss. I am going to the library. I may buy a coffee, I may not. I will be looking at the sky and the trees and saying ‘Where have you been?’ for in the garret we live in, we have vistas of walls. Lovely.

I do have some work to do this afternoon, but not till I have done some work on me. If I had the car, I would go to the gym, sit on a bike and say ‘Yeah baby! My legs still work!’ But DG has the car, so I will stride purposefully instead and be proud of my body.

On a sad note, and I am not too sure how to write this. Isabelle, Caireen’s mum passed away on Saturday night from cancer. Luckliy the whole family was able to be there and row her out for her final journey. Considering how poorly she has been, while it is horrible when someone you love dies, I hope it is also a relief for them. Being in Melbourne while they are in and about London it is difficult to tell. Communication is mostly by text and email, although I will ring this week to see how they are all doing. Patrick’s stag weekend was supposed to be rollicking on over the Saturday and Sunday, but as he was at the hospital too, it obviously didn’t happen.

Caireen has already said the wedding will go on, and will be a celebration of Isabelle’s life, although her getting married without her Mum cheering her on will be the hardest thing she has done. Much love to all the Kennedys.

What do you think..?

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