2 in 1 day

I know, I spoil you. You see what happens when you have time on your hands. Have had a great day, I dodged a shower in the library, which was invaded by pushchairs (more later), brought some hair stuff, some nail stuff; just what exactly is the point of fingernails? Brought loads of veggies and then walked home. Taking my camera with me, I documented my visit to the great wide world:

Very proud of this photo

As I said on FB I don’t know anyone who doesn’t read Heather Spohrs’ blog who will ever look at Abby Caddabby the same way.

I love lavender bushes, they always remind me of visiting my beloved Nanny

This tree is at the end of our lane, and it’s gorgeous

I loved these flowers, even if I have no idea what they are!

I had evidently just missed story time or something similar when I arrived at the library. As I was knocked sideways by smug yummie mummies marching out in a phalanx with their pushchairs. While I love children, I really do, when I am in a library, small people running around having races is not what you’d expect, or what I grew up knowing libraries to be. A place of quiet concentration, was not what I found I Carnegie’s library today. The staff were powerless under the ‘Little Johnny is expressing himself’ stares from the mums, daring anyone to complain about their children just by their body language. I am not going to rant on here, very few children are badly behaved, it is just parents feeling that they have to say ‘yes’ all the time, instead of being strong enough to say ‘no’.

I then came home and roasted an aubergine, courgette and green pepper to make ratatouille, I made a soup with yesterday’s roast vegetables, tidied up round the flat a bit and now am about to do some ironing. We may have a viewing on Saturday, so we need to hide everything valuable, and get all the boxes into the spare room.

Will keep you posted. Happy Tuesday tomorrow folks.

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