H1N1 part deux

I am a pathetic excuse for a human being. Absolutely washed out, while I don’t feel particularly ill for having been diagnosed with this strain of the ‘flu, I am certainly feeling the worse for wear. We went shopping this morning, we were a bit Old Mother Hubbard at home, and I had cabin fever. Just whizzing round the shop, doing a supermarket sweep left me exhausted. So much so, I sat on the sofa having a cup of tea (very English) until I got the energy back to have breakfast.

Now that is a first for me, I have reached extreme heights of laziness before now, waking up thirsty in the night and not being bothered to get a drink from the bottle permanently by my bed for example. But not having the energy to put some cereal in a bowl is a new first.

I am still on the sofa, tucked under a blanket, bed head, (I went in a beanie to the shops, lest I scare small children) watching Michael Palin go Around The World In 80 Days. We finished Pole To Pole earlier this week. DG, despite owning the complete set of his travels on DVD for years has never watched this series. I remember when it was shown on BBC, I tell Dan that everyone watched it, talked about it at school and wanted to suddenly visit Jedda, despite not being interested in visiting the Middle East before then.

DG hunter-gathered for me last night, he came home with a Chinese takeaway, so I am looking forward to the re-heated version for lunch later on, why does it always taste better the second time around?

After that I will have a snooze, attempt to do some work that I brought home with me last week, (if I can concentrate) then settle back on the sofa for more DVD watching. I have been recording programmes onto our hard-drive and want to transfer them onto some discs, Dan has packed the blank ones in his eagerness to pack all and sundry. So we will have to buy some more tomorrow, I don’t want to unplug it in a couple of weeks (yay) and lose the lot.

I also need to text my brother later today, it is his stag-weekend this weekend, one that I attempted to organise for him, but the lion-share went to Lee, my best-man-stand-in. Unfortunately his soon to be mother in law is very seriously ill, which is putting a severe kibosh and downer on all the festivities.

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