Swine flu, it ain’t that it’s cracked up to be

H1N1 a virulent strain, now in Pandemic mode marching across the globe, has triggered the Australian ‘flu season early. Apparently mid-July is when it should start, it has been well under way since May. Which as my doctor told me today, doesn’t bode well for when the normal strain appears.

1 in 5 of his patients has it, he has had it, all his colleagues have had it and it’s got to the point now where he doesn’t test for it as H1N1 is so obvious in it’s symptoms, they can all tell someone who has it from when they start talking about what they have.

One of the guys at work had two children on Tamiflu last week, I wouldn’t have bothered going to the doctors had I not known this, or that when I woke up I looked like hell. So I am contributing to the statistical data over here, although the government are now guessing how many people who have it. The good news, I didn’t have to pay $$$ for my prescription, I was given it for free, then ushered out the pharmacy pronto.

For those that are interested, it isn’t as bad as some of the English ‘flu I have had. The last time I had the ‘flu properly was 2001, and I truly felt awful. This time around I have a bad throat, I ache, I am sneezing/blowing and coughing, but I can sleep (oh boy do I sleep!) without being in pain just by lying in bed. Now that is the flu. Where it doesn’t matter how many lemsips you guzzle, you aren’t getting out of bed, because standing up hurts more than lying down.

I have been signed off work till Tuesday, Dan who works in a hospital, unless he shows signs of it, still has to go to work; go figure as I am contagious for the next 3-4 days, and caught it from someone I work with.

The really annoying thing is that all my books are packed in boxes ready for our move dagnammit. And they are buried at the back of the room too, double dagnammit. I stood in front of a rack of magazines today, but didn’t fancy reading about Michael Jackson. All of it is complete BS, no-one knows anything, everyone is coming out the woodwork ‘claiming’ the truth, the poor man isn’t allowed to rest in peace at all. I am sick of the TV specials, one funeral director here had a ceremony for him today. They featured it on the news, I was slack jawed in horror again. Talk about jumping on the bandwagon.

On a brighter note, I’ve brought tickets for Dr Phil who is coming out to Australia next month. I am taking DG, he came with me to Eckhart and I go with him to cricket/football et al. All I need now is Peter Walsh, and my guru collection will be complete!

What do you think..?

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