Goodness me I am restless this morning, and last night. I was lying here listening to Sheila Hancock read The Two Of Us (with headphones in), couldn’t get comfy so was fidgeting about, leg in, too hot, leg out, too cold, roll over, roll back again, poor DG, I hope I didn’t disturb him too much.

Today the rain is pounding against the window, so a constitutional is off the cards. As for breakfast, I don’t have any soya milk in the house, so don’t fancy porridge with cows milk, I don’t have any wheat free bread in the house, so don’t fancy bloating with Dan’s wholemeal. Woe is me. I have all my breakfast and lunch stuff at work, which is were I was planning on being today.

We investigated Lite N Easy this week, DG wants to lose some weight, we were trying to work out if it is worthwhile doing. Not for me it isn’t:

Thank you for your enquiry.
Unfortunately Lite n’ Easy does not have gluten free meals,
as many of the thickeners we use are wheat based and both breakfast and lunch meals often include bread wheat based products.
With Thanks,
Lite n’ Easy

So like me if you have IBS or wheat intolerance, even using them in solidarity would bring on stomach cramps, bloating, V&D and general pain. Not worth the hassle.

When I tell people I am wheat intolerant, they look at me askance as if I have grown an extra head, then usually say one of two things: ‘Jumping on the bandwagon?’ or ‘What do you eat?’

What indeed, sometimes I wonder. The problem is, sometimes it is easier to eat the bread, rather than to put up with the Spanish Inquisition on why I am not eating it, or hunt through shop after shop trying to find an alternative. If you are trying to find something to eat on the hoof, forget it, here is a challenge for you: Have a wheat free day, totally – including hidden, buried in the ingredients, reading the microscopic writing. So while I worry about my weight going up and down like a yo-yo, there probably isn’t a week where I am not forced to eat some wheat based product. Planning is the key, but best laid plans of mice have gone out the window, as all my provisions are in the fridge and cupboard in Boronia, and which is why I ususally charge about with nuts and dried fruit rattling around in the bottom of my handbag. We have some eggs though, so I will close now and strangle some.

Not very exciting today, sorry folks.

2 thoughts on “ho-hum

  1. DO you get really sick when you eat wheat because there is absolutely no way on Earth I would consider for a second eating anything with wheat in it I'd rather die then suffer the aftermath. You are pretty safe sticking to foods that nature made like veggies fruits and meats cheese…..you can carry dried fruit. You can carry a lot of wheat free snacks.


  2. Dear Lite n Easy. Heard of cornflour? With thanks (for nothing) Frisky Maybe someone should start a Lite n Easy style service for people with food allergies/intolerance?


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