Be careful what you wish for

Well after muttering that I wanted sore throat to appear or go away, just hurry up and do *something*. It arrived with a fanfare, parade with majorettes and is well and truly settled.

I went into work yesterday, turned around an hour later and came back home again, totally incapable of concentrating on anything. I got home, Myles called me to say the hot water system had flooded, all into the office and shop below us, so he needed to know who to call. I then nuked some leftovers and popped back to bed, listened to the last of The Cat Who Moved A Mountain, missed the last 15 minutes and woke up 4 hours into The Cat Who Wasn’t There. I have listened to the 5 of them I have on my iPod at least 3 times, but I still love them. I keep trying to buy them, but can’t find them very easily.

So here I sit in t-shirt, dressing gown, under my duvet, alternatively going hot and cold. I had set my alarm to get up, went into the bathroom and saw the state of myself and decided that spreading the lurgy around the office was not a good idea. My glands under my jaw bone are so up, you can see the shape of them. I’ll phone the doctors later this morning and see if I can get an appointment.

So yes I am pleased it isn’t hanging around me any longer, but not sure if I should be asking cosmic forces for something this painful! If any one wants me, I’ll be reading.

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