Did ya miss me?

We have been offline for longer than we thought on account the telephone company didn’t tell us that someone needed to be there to ‘switch our phone on at the exchange’. Hmmm. Any hoo, Dan has called to let me know the t’internet is up and running and the phone works too. Hurrah. I can … More Did ya miss me?

Movin’ Out

What a weekend! Totally impossible to have achieved without Ross, Leonie and Lachy. We ended up with 4 and a bit car loads and 2 van loads, so much for DG’s boy’s spacial awareness and ‘We’ll get it all in 1 van’. Also with getting the big shelving unit down the stairs and out the … More Movin’ Out

Roving reporter

I sit on the train for my last journey to work from the garret, after DG dropped me off at Caulfield station for the last time. While I will no doubt go to work on the train again in the future, it will not, not ever be from where have been living again.Do you get … More Roving reporter

Pregnancy spike?

Dan made me laugh this morning, he wondered if there would be a sudden flurry of babies born 9 months from tonight in April. His reasons? 1. The Ashes first test has finished, so no late night TV watching2. The Tour De France is on a rest day, ditto3. Mark Webber won his first Grand … More Pregnancy spike?