Mr Michael Jackson and Ms Farrah Fawcett

It has been an odd couple of days. I dropped DG off at work, put a podcast on, drove to work. Got my head down (busy day) and then called Dan about 11:30, who said that the radio had been playing Michael Jackson all morning. When I asked why, he said that he had died. You know I missed JFK, Princess Grace of Monaco, but I can still vividly remember Patrick coming down stairs saying ‘Strange news, Princess Diana is dead’ – again, Mum, Dad and I were again on the wrong channel, BBC2 (but you’d think they’d have flashed up a news report! Something I have never understood.)

But I know that I am going to remember fiddling with my headset at my desk, and my jaw dropping when Dan told me for the rest of my life.

Lest we forget, another icon passed the same day. Farrah Fawcett who sold 12 million posters, changed how the world watched TV and made me laugh when I read a quote today: ‘I thought we got to number 3 in the charts because of our acting, when we got to number 1, I realised it was because we didn’t wear bras’. An astute and worryingly accurate analysis about what people really tune into TV and read magazines for. Making the most of this, she made a heart-wrenching film, highlighting that cancer is not a Hollywood movie, it is hard bloody work, not an easy roller coaster to ride and she wanted the world to know it.

I am sick of reading about people in marital strife, losing weight, gaining weight, having hidden, secret shame and pain. And that is on the covers of magazines as I refuse to even open them. I got my haircut today, and was passed 4 magazines. Now! OK x 2 and Wow!. All were going to be full of candid photos with that grainy, blown up look, so you know there were taken by a stalker in a bush, not taken with permission. Stealing pictures of people on holiday, shopping, taking children to school and so on.

I know that movies (hate that word much prefer films), singles, books, clothes etc. all need publicity to sell them. What we as a world don’t need is pictures of people in said films, books, singers going about their day to day business. And you will never convince me otherwise. Having worked with a lovely lady who changed the law in the UK, yes change the LAW, over stalking because when she woke up, someone was outside her house. When she went to bed, someone was outside her house. He bombarded her with emails, texts, phone calls, letters, followed her everywhere she went, and the Police were paralysed, unable to do anything because he wasn’t threatening her. Although he watched her life through a microscope, they couldn’t do anything to help her. So she pushed and went higher, and higher and higher until he was finally jailed, allowing her to get a bit of respite.

But, she had to change her name, her job, her marriage failed, she had to move house, she had to leave the life she had before, and within six months of his release just 2 short years later, despite ruining her life for over 6 years – he found her again.

In the interest of information, public having the right to know, photographers hound people like Victoria and David Beckham. Getting excited that they managed to spend a week together on holiday, while she recovered from an operation. SO?

Who cares, who really cares that this couple who are trying to run their lives and have three children, live and work independently; admittedly they are extremes as they can be on separate continents, but how many people don’t want to move their children from schools when they are settled? I knew several Army Wives that would only appear at Mess dos, because they stayed at home with their children while their husbands were based in another part of England, so they didn’t uproot them all from posting to posting (remember, I had 7 addresses in 5 years). That is the decision the Beckhams have made as a family, to keep their boys in the same schools for as long as they can, so they do the best they can to put their children first, stable and in some semblance of normality while they try and live their lives leading a pack of photographers here there and everywhere. From the ‘headlines’ I read online, you would think they were pariahs for not being together 24/7. So if the Beckhams read this, I salute you, you don’t have it easy, you can’t even go to the gym without ‘sources’ letting us know, if you get your hair cut, people all over the world debate it.

For fucks sake – and although I swear (a lot) I don’t on here. Leave people alone. Treat others as you want to be treated. If you are happy reading about Victoria buying undies or Cameron on a beach or Amy drinking again, then feel free. But I bet your life, if it was plastered across a bill-board or magazine wouldn’t be so interesting. It would be fucking scary.

To two enormous icons, I hope that finally, you are truly able to Rest In Peace. Even though your families will be picked over like vultures. So next time you go to buy OK, Now, Wow, or some other such tripe – picture yourself being hounded, stalked, pestered, followed, chased and scared silly as large groups of people charge around after you. Put yourself in their shoes, imagine how you’d cope with it, imagine how they feel, is it really worth the price of that magazine to be a voyeur or a stalker like the eejit that hounded Tracey? There are so many other, better, more educational magazines books and web pages to read.

What do you think..?

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