Barnet trim and falling in laugh

It is that time again, the hair-fairy has visited and I can’t do a thing with it. I have left it far too long in a vain attempt to grow it out, but have decided that I need a cut more than I need an up do for le wedding. I have booked a cut for Saturday, and with only 48hours ish to go, I am doing the ritual of trawling through the t’internet trying to find something I like, works with my hair (grows forward) and face shape (square). I do want to keep the length as it is more girlie, but I need something easy to manage, makes use of the kinks and funky bits I was born with and makes me feel like me.

Jax, where the hell are you when I need you! It is one thing to meet someone you fall in laugh with on first sight, but knows you and your hair so well, they can look at you, work out what you can cope with and what will make you look a million dollars.

When we met it was an informal mess do, we both got plastered, danced like lunatics, laughed a lot, and didn’t really care if we won the quiz or not, we were too busy giggling. I miss her, Mark her husband and Aimee a lot.

You know, falling in laugh with people seems to be how I meet all my closest friends, certainly the Maddie Support Group on FB, and my witches coven/cronies/gang all over England, when we all get together it leaves me with side ache, losing contact lenses and usually a bit of wee in my pants for good measure. Sarah asked me ages ago to blog about things we laugh about when we meet up, considering we can clear restaurants when we get started, I know that typing it will be great fun, and will make their day too. Note to self, work on that this weekend.

I am so very lucky with my friends, they are always there for me, despite me forgetting their birthdays (now legendary amongst them all, considering my profession), owing emails/skypes and phone calls all over the place, but when we talk, it is like we only met yesterday. That is true friendship, not worrying about losing your Maltesers, gossiping over a curry, fishing poo out of swimming pools, sleeping at my feet in a sleeping bag, letting me stay on a futon and propping me up with fizz.

Ladies I salute you all, and miss your hugs.

PS the most maddening thing is some are off to see Take That next week, while the boys will be dressed as Clowns, (so I’d have to wear a blindfold lest I get the heebeejeebies) I would give my left kidney to be at the O2 walking towards some twirling orange umbrellas. *sniffle*

PPS this is my 3rd official wave of homesickness

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