Grumpy bum

I've figured it out. I am stressed with the flat we're living in, while I accept that we only have 20odd days to go before we move, I am so frazzled with not knowing if the doors are going to be locked; if we are going to be able to sleep right through without having a delivery at 2am; the doors being slammed; rubbish being put in our bins; the list goes on and now the end is in sight it has all come to a head.
DG and I had a little ding dong this morning, I hate being rushed out. Tell me when you need me to be ready, I am ready for that time. Do not pick your keys up 10 minutes before that and put your coat on, I get flustered, rattled and ratty. I have to remember so many things, back-up tape, what I brought home last night to read, lunch etc, while 90% is ready the night before, there are things I have to physically pick up when we go, and we don't have time for to go back for them.
One thing I am looking forward to is being more independent of DG in the morning, he can walk to work from the new house, so we aren't relying on each other every day. Which will cut down on me going grrrr when the poor boy picks his keys up.
I'm on the train today, hence me blogging now. I had a really unproductive day yesterday, full of interruptions, I don't think I actually achieved anything. Also my blackberry isn't downloading emails, which defeats the sole object of me having the bluddy thing. Fail stamped all over Tuesday.
I went to bed, listened to a bit of The Cat Who, and slept blissfully until 2am when the delivery truck turned up again. It is a good job I am not armed at the moment: Screaming banshee on revenge killing rage in Melbourne. The recent emigrant stated 'general ignorance and bad manners' for the reasons behind her spate of attacks. 'I won't stop until please and thank you are branded on everyone's head' she claimed.
Back to reality, there is a lady on the train today with a surrogate child, a teeny tiny dog, wearing a coat of course, sitting on her lap. Gah!
See what I mean, I'm donkey on the edge over here. Must go, I need to read about the Christmas Par-tay, we're off looking at venues tomorrow, want to make sure this year goes with a bang and everyone has a good time.
Then I have the Director's conference to organise (I interject here to report that someone is eating sushi, at 8am – blee), the filing to look at, a how to manual to write and a million other things to do.
Thank goodness I finally have a good job, I'd go potty if I was still stuck in the bigoted, hell-hole that is retirement victoria.

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