Re: The microwave – yuck!



The grim sight that awaited you on opening the door has been cleared and cleaned.  With all the grease, random burnt bits and remnants of food stuff now gone, so too is the fear of catching something nasty when you had to nuke your food.  The microwave is no longer a biohazard, which is good news for everyone who uses it. 


The bad news is: if your food explodes in there again and you don’t clear it up, (I mean it isn’t difficult to notice when there are stalactites hanging that weren’t there before) I will hide the microwave and people will prowl around the corridors looking for the culprit that forced everyone to eat salads and sandwiches, whether we wanted to or not.  I’ve sent this to everyone who has a vested interest, as it isn’t the weather for picnics, soups are more the order of the day in winter. 


The last time I looked, we were all adults, if you want to act like a child and not clean up after yourself, then fill your boots, it will come right back at you.  I have 10 years experience of teaching swimming to all age groups, including unruly teenagers, so am not afraid of a little nagging and bossing.  I am also English, so have a Paddington Bear hard-stare to show my disapproval.  Joking aside, I am furious that I had to clean it, despite me asking you, whoever, *you* are, to step up and clean it yourself.


I leave you with this: It is not YOUR staff room, it is OUR staff room.


Kind Regards

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