Hello folks,

I would like to apologise for falling off the Eckhart wagon momentarily today and for being in a grump. In an effort to console myself, vent my spleen and also probably to realise how pathetic my grump is I have compiled a list:

1. People who drive without their lights on when it is dark/foggy/raining *delete as applicable

2. Peter Costello, with out doubt the most annoying politican on the planet. Instead of challenging for the leadership, he wanted it given to him on a plate, when it didn’t come, he sulked, moaned and created merry hell. He has now resigned, and it is all emotional for him, creating more column inches than Malcolm Turnball will get today, which was probably the reasoning behind it all in the first place.

3. Senator Fielding, with out doubt the most dense, aggravating Senator in the House. If he doesn’t get his way, he throws his toys out the pram, stamps his foot and shouts ‘Shan’t!’ The latest thing he has Australia over a barrel is climate change, because maybe it is the sun causing it? ARGH!

4. People who fail to park in spaces properly, aren’t the thick white lines good enough guide you in?

5. Being asked why I didn’t vote, because I am not allowed to – check with the government department down the hall who processed my visa instead of sending me a snotty letter, reminding me of my responsibilities.

6. How hot the water is when it comes out the tap at work, after burning myself for the umpteenth time today.

7. People wearing a swine flu mask. I haven’t seen one yet, but just seeing them on the TV makes me ratty, you probably sneeze all over your keyboard, but God-forbid you breathe in on public transport.

8. My hair. In two words, that is enough. I keep hoping that each morning I wake up, today will be the day it has grown enough to stay where I put it. I am about this close to shaving it off, fancy clip to put in it on wedding day be damned.

9. Spam on Twitter. I am getting marketing ‘gurus’, yeah right, you must be really successful if you can tweet 5000+ times, don’t you have any work to do?; pron stars; wedding planners (no thanks, it is sorted) and random God botherers. I am not intolerant of other people’s religions, it is just mine is personal to me, and while I may mutter about it on here, (it being my blog and all), I don’t force people to listen to my views if they don’t want to. If you want my opinion, I will let you have it, but I don’t just randomly bombared your inbox with hellfire and damnation.

What is wrong with living your life now nicely, peacefully and treating others the way you want to be treated 24/7 while you are on the planet as oppose to hanging out for the ever after? Behaving like an eejit 6 and a half days a week, doesn’t equate to the Sunday morning absolving you of all sins, sitting piously thinking you are being a good person, no you are not. Do it all the time.

10. Chain emails, no you are not going to win lots of money, no you are not going to loose your luck, no you are not going to be visited by an angel, no you are not going to have a rainbow appear out of one ear, no you are not going to get a surprise – unless you count being blacklisted out of my inbox a surprise. I am sick of being the recipient to all this utter BS, so am going to wave my ‘Junk’ button around metaphorically and send all your cr@p to the deleted items folder. When you do send me something useful and wonder why I haven’t replied to you, that is why.

*sigh* rant over, if I have offended anyone I am sorry, but I feel better for getting it off my chest. I am now going to finish my lunch break and do some work.

After reading an Eckhart passage from ‘Stillness Speaks’ to sort my equilibrium out.

What do you think..?

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