Productive day

Considering we have watched one film today and are on our second now, we have been really busy at home. All the books in the living room and bedroom are now packed, don’t know what I am going to do when I finish the ones I am on, probably by a new one! Dan has packed all his cards and extraneous paraphernalia that goes with them (boys), plus one set of crockery and some kitchen bits. I have got rid of things in the bathroom that have been hanging around half used, or unused for months. Our charity box is nearly full and the spare room looks like a warehouse. We ran out of smallish boxes though, so ground to a halt about 3ish. The filing that has been lying around (literally) for ages has been done, I have caught up on some correspondence, done the ironing, spoken to Aged Ps, had dinner and am just about to sort out my lunch and make the bed.

It has been a great weekend, we have relaxed, spent time with Lachy, Ney and the children, read a bit, drunk a bit (I am now sober till, um at least August) chosen wedding vows, readings and ‘stuff’, including menus.

Oh, and I have looked up when I can go swimming and how much it will cost me. The bag is packed too, all I need to do is get there. Yes, I know…