Who would live in a house like this?

Normally I have done the ironing and am getting lunch ready for the next day about now, but we have a public holiday (we don’t have Bank Holidays) for the Queen’s birthday tomorrow, so have a day off that will be spent packing boxes and clearing the mess that has slowly become our flat.

When I say that, I mean paperwork and clutter, which for someone who keeps her desk in a neat and tidy condition and doesn’t function very well when it is cluttered, the flat is in a muddle with piles of stuff everywhere that need to be cleared. No wonder I am struggling with stuff at home.

We will also take this opportunity to prune our belongings again to donate things we don’t use to charity, sell stuff on ebay if we can and basically sort our lives out. I am about to do a 10 minute sweep in the living room, getting rid of rubbish and collating paperwork to be filed away properly.

While we have stuff on surfaces here, it is clean and compared to a few of the houses we went into yesterday, pristine. Beware of the house they don’t show photos of the inside… One was in an unusual block, only 4 flats in the building, with 3 bedrooms, 2 parking spaces and by a station, it appeared to be ideally what we wanted. However, as soon as we approached the front door, with about 10 other people, we saw a shoe rack that was nearly my height, and immediately thought ‘Chinese students’. We walked in, looked at the living room and one of the bedrooms, with the en-suite, did an about turn and wiped our feet when we walked out. It was disgusting, and I seriously think anyone will take it until it has been vacated, fumigated and cleaned.

Another house, we had to remove our shoes to walk around, never mind there was about an inch of dust everywhere, although this property we have applied for, as it was in better condition than the other one. It again has 3 bedrooms and a double garage, the kitchen may pose a problem as it was tiny, but the rooms upstairs were enormous. And it had an air conditioning unit in the dining room/lounge.

We then visited a house that backed onto the Monash Freeway, literally. You could stretch your arms out sideways and touch the wall of the house with one hand, while touching the wall to the freeway with the other. The noise was surprisingly low, but while it was a fairly new house, probably no more than 5 years old, the family that were in it hadn’t respected it, so the walls were scuffed and filthy with lumps missing out of them. A smoker lived there, so the carpet was impregnated with the smell and they had a dog, that lived in the ‘yard’ out the back. They evidently didn’t walk the poor thing either, judging by the amount of poo in the yard.

The layout was also odd, the garage was one half the house downstairs, with a bedroom, laundry and bathroom the other half, with stairs running up the middle. The stairs opened out onto a landing where they had shoved their dining table, the kitchen and lounge didn’t have a book to be seen, but had an enormous TV and all the chairs positioned round it. The TV was perched on a piece of furniture that covered half a door, to another bedroom (!), and the bathroom upstairs had two doors, so if you didn’t remember to lock both anyone could walk in on you. Another one to cross off the list!

We have applied for 2 houses and 1 flat so far, and had we found the flat when we had arrived, would have been happy to move into it. The flat is the fall-back, as we would prefer a house and if we get a 3 bedroomed, shouldn’t need to move for a good few years. We can’t look at any next weekend as I will be going into work to stock take my store cupboard, but we have another viewing lined up on Wednesday evening.

So tomorrow, Monday we pack. As much as we can, including half the kitchen so that when we are ready to move, we can just move. Even if it means doing shuttle runs in the car, with us hiring a van for just the furniture for a couple of hours.

I cannot say that I will miss this place one iota, and if we could just blow off the agent and landlord I would in a heartbeat.

What do you think..?

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