Thursday evening and good intentions

I did try:

* not to have a vino tonight, I even finished up the bottle last night on purpose
* to do lots of housework, but I put a load of washing on and did some washing up, just didn’t do everything else I had rattling around in my head
* to tidy up the desk, but I did fill in my health insurance forms while creating more havoc at home

This weekend we have three days and will spend most of Monday tidying and packing after whizzing around on Saturday looking at houses. I am copying our driving licences as I type, me with my day release photo grinning like a loon on them. How shaming, will you let this mad woman rent your property?

Sunday we are spending in the pub. It sounds worse than it is, we are having a day off. From the flat, from work, from stupid neighbours, from everything. We are taking the papers, a laptop, wedding stuff, books and moving in to the Rosstown for the duration. Reading the papers, having a bit of a session and chilling…

I can’t wait.

What do you think..?

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