Team Management Systems

Well, it should come as no surprise to you that my main strengths at work are organising and controlling. Or in other words, my family nickname of Little Miss Bossy. My major strengths are Concluder-Producer (give me a task, it will get done) with related roles of Thruster-Organiser (ooh-er) and Controller-Inspector.

Basically I like systems. No sh!t Sherlock. :D

We had a good day, and learnt a lot – you need to give me time to assimilate information if you want a decision, but I will seek your guidance when I need to see the bigger picture. I don’t like spending more time than is necessary on a job, but will insist it is properly done. I will take things in my stride, but will get annoyed with people who fail to recognise responsibilities and duties, both mine and their own. I can rush too quickly to get answers, but I recognise the strength in interpersonal relationships and rely on facts and figures to make a decision, once I have had time to work out what I need/want to do.

Which also explains that when you give me too many options, I can freak out a little. Like when I was trying to pick some bacon just after I moved here, I couldn’t see the normal packet so had to walk away as I was confused, so left Dan to choose a packet, while laughing at me. It also explains why I tend to choose the same things in restaurants or if I am at a new one, will pick something and have to close the menu, because the more I look the worse it gets!

I am relieved however that, my strength is keeping myself and others to a plan by noting deviations and taking corrective action.

It is reassuring that I can now be bossy when I need to be at work, and they will realise that it is just that, I am being bossy to get results. I will also be able to manage others expectations, and bring forward deadlines for people who developers and explorers.

What do you think..?

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