Feeling content

I'm in the car (DG is driving) and just got a wash of calm over me. Not bad considering we were woken at midnight and 2am last night. I was looking out the window, when I just knew we would be ok, we would find somewhere else to live, we will soon be leaving the flat for something better and we won't need to have any more contact with everyone connected to it. People who have blocked our requests for electricity, phone and other basic needs at every turn.
Every day is a turning point, every day teaches me more, every day I am growing.
We have management training today, all day. Celebrating our differences, we've all had to do a questionnaire asking us we are nore or less likely to… The questions are infuriating, designed to make you think, and very American. Reminding me about the worst job interview of my life, where I was asked if I was a sheep, sheepdog or shepherd. What song would I like playing if I was a merry-go-round and other really relevant questions to answering someone else's phone. I nearly got up and walked out, wish I had it would have empowered me at the time, instead of re-enforcing that I wasn't quite good enough.
See what I mean about a teaching experience!?

What do you think..?

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