Getting a grip and getting a bra

Sounds harsher than it is, but the wedding dress countdown is well and truly starting tomorrow with my appointment booked on 1st August for my measurements. Eek. I am therefore working out what physical activity I am doing when and what night. And also getting a grip on my food again, which went right out the window when I had a pizza on Friday :-(

I enjoyed it though, until I got kitten belly afterwards.

Have had a great weekend, Matt is such good fun to be around. He’s also enjoyed my cooking too, which is nice. Looks like I have done a good roastie, I am just waiting for this pathetic oven to hurry up and cook the tottys, then I can get the rest of the veggies on.

We are having: Lamb, roast: potato, sweet potato, pumpkin and parsnip, brocci-flower cheese, broad beans, green beans, carrots, peas and gravy. I will also be making soup tonight. ‘No soup for you’ and taking a mini roast into work for lunch tomorrow, along with my swimming cossie for a trip to the pool on the way home. I had to buy a new sports bra today too, although I have 2, one will never recover from going through the mud crawl from last weekend. I only have 1 random bruise left to heal, the one I got along my thigh from walking into BossMan’s desk will be there for another week, it is a cracker.

On an aside, Aussie women are evidently paranoid about their boobs. Trying to find a bra, even a sports bra, without extra lift em and hold em scaffolding is really hard work. As is trying to find a bar without any way straps. All I wanted was a white bra that I could wear to work and under t-shirts. It has taken 2 weekends a minimum of 4 shops, endless muttering and wondering if that one would do, which had the straps I wanted but would lift the puppies under my chin, which isn’t the most professional of look, or if I brought that one would you see everything through my blouse??? I miss M&S.

What do you think..?

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