A TV free week

Was bliss. I loved it, I loved sitting down with Dan chatting over the day. We didn’t get to play any card games which is one of the things I wanted to, but there is always next week. I have discussed this with Dan yet, but I think we both missed watching SBS news, but at 7:30 I am happy for the TV to go off and not watch anything any more.

The pair of us are in bed before 10pm, both worn out. I still haven’t got up the gym yet, bad Maddie. Dan and Matt are off the to football this afternoon, I’ve brought work home to catch up on without the phone ringing, so I can get my head round it and concentrate so I will spend a couple of hours doing that. I will then go up this afternoon.

I am sick of feeling – bleurgh. There is no other word for it, I need to exercise to function to feel normal. I don’t feel normal. I don’t feel like me. As I said it is a no brainer.

What do you think..?

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