A good day was had by all

I have:
* woke up later than normal without the alarm going off
* had a cuddle with my boy
* had a good breakfast, although my goosegog jam had blue furry things growing in it which meant a change of plan to raspberry
* DG fixed the tyre, well he paid someone to find the nail in it and fix it
* read the paper
* did some work that I have been trying to do for ages, but couldn’t get enough quiet time to complete it
* made an amazing curry for two very appreciative boys
* Iron Chef is no longer on TV, which means I don’t have to avoid it :D

Brisbane Lions won the football, the seats were 5 rows from the front in the AFL ‘pit’, surrounded by AFL members Matt was sat in front of one of his childhood heros Garry Wilson and David Dench and behind Gary Hocking and Leon Harris. They put the world to rights with Ross and had a whale of a time.

I also found time for a mini siesta of 40 minutes, hurrah!

We are now sat in front of the TV watching Richard Hammond and his Engineering Connections, and will put a DVD on afterwards. Matt is an Everton supporter so they may stay up and watch the FA cup. I won’t I will post myself off to bed wiggling my toes under the duvet in sheer bliss.

What do you think..?

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