Well as the day is progressing I am getting tighter and sorer and stiffer. I just sneezed and felt like I had given myself a hernia, I wiped the counter down in the kitchen, my arms feel like if they fell off it would hurt less and as for walking up the stairs to get in tonight, I felt like a little old lady.

I had to change with Dan when I picked him up tonight as I couldn’t drive any more, so I hope I am ok in the morning. I need to be there for before 8am as we have a staff induction that I am booked on, but also organising. 13 of us, I have promised nice biscuits too.

I could only buy 1 litre of milk today, not my normal 2l for the office, I couldn’t lift the other bottle off the shelf! What a state to be in. I said on Twitter I might try going for a swim, but that would mean levering myself into a cossie, and I struggled with my seat belt today!

Dan and I are giving up TV for a week, that includes DVDs. Ironic that we now have a DVD player that works and records my Oprahs, but I am fed up with it being on and nothing worth watching. So until Friday (when Carlton play) we are not switching it on. Tonight we have cleaned the kitchen, I have washed my clothes for the third time since I trampled through the mud, and have been glued to our lap tops, trying to find out some information about August – oops! Nearly gave away something huge then! *blush*

I am about off to bed now, I am going to take Harry with me. He’s just been given his new broomstick for Christmas, and Professor Lupin is starting to show signs of not being quite as he seems. Love it. Although I have to prop the book up as holding it up to read hurts, God I am pathetic. You should have seen me trying to blow dry my hair, you would have laughed as much as Dan did.


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