Just plain weird

I keep dreaming I am dying. Not violently thank goodness, but I know it is my last breath and that is it. They are so realistic, I am often surprised when I wake up again. Last night I had another one, and quickly got myself out of bed to get Dumbo to take with me, I also put William (Dan brought a doll in his clan’s tartan) on Dan’s pillow. Normally they sit on the bookshelf, with the stuffed koala he waved at me when I came out through the arrival doors, they must have wondered what on earth was happening.

I’d love to know why I am dreaming about it, or what it means. Although dream meanings are a bit circumspect, and are a load of hokum to boot. I wish like last night it would stop, when I woke up in a panic and took ages to get back off to sleep again. Then the dim blonde from next door opened the garage door at 1am, you would have been impressed with my restraint, if I had got out of bed as oppose to lying there grrrr-ing I would have ranted at her like a banshee.

So here I sit, the picture of glamour in my dressing gown with my hair in a band, waiting for Dan to get his breakfast ready (crumpets) and get him and his mood out the kitchen. He woke up with a de-hydration headache which has made him cranky. I am having Mexican eggs a la Nigella, only without half of the ingredients, so I am going to cuff it. I would like a boiled egg with soldiers, but I don’t have any wheat free bread from The Glen. In Macro they sell bread that is made from spelt, which looks like, tastes like and toasts like normal bread. Instead I only have the hard bullet like palm size slices of bread, which are ok for sandwiches but are hopeless for anything else.

We are off to Ross and Leonie’s today for a family BBQ and have been given instructions on what time to get there, to the minute. Lachy and Ney are bringing the rugrats, it will be lovely to see them again, hear Pippy chatter about school and all things pink, and hear how many more words Oakley has picked up. I’ve not seen them for about a month.

Laters, have a good weekend. If I can type, I will tell you all about the commando run tomorrow. I have already cut my finger nails off and will get my bag ready in a minute. Think of me won’t you.

What do you think..?

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