I was listening again to my first Coffee Break French Podcast after dropping DG off at work, it takes about 20 minutes to get from his work to Boronia, so just the right amount of time for them.  At the junction of Ferntree Gully Road and the Burwood Highway, I yawned just in time for ‘Je suis fatigue’.


Made me laugh, although I am not too sure what the drivers around me at the traffic lights, that I kept hitting on red today, thought as I sat there rabbiting away to myself.  At least I am not on the train doing it, like I was last year.


It has been really foggy here in the mornings, you would not believe the amount of people that are not driving with their lights on.  Aussie drivers are hopeless unless it is dry and sunny.  In the rain there are loads of accidents, I dread to think what will happen on the roads as winter gets closer, we aren’t that far away from places that get snow.  If fog/mist/rain and drizzle are anything to go by, I’d rather stay at home under the duvet if any white stuff descends.  You should also see them trying to park, it is hilarious – especially reverse parking.  I was walking through a near empty car park this morning, it was just before 8am, a lady came through with her big Tonka toy to park up.  Considering all she had to do was drive into a space, it took 4 goes.  I wouldn’t mind, but she wasn’t even anywhere near a pillar!  As the car was still covered in dew and moisture the lazy cow could have walked in too.  I don’t think me standing there watching her helped though, although I am not that scary – even in my Dorothy driving shoes.


Dad told me once about a council car park, I think in Brighton, that was constantly full of people driving to work in the council offices and complaining they couldn’t get a space even though they had a permit.  They waited until a frost or snow fall then walked around clocking the cars that hadn’t de-frosted over a long drive, some still had snow and frost on their windows and took their permits away.  Problem solved.  Driving to Lewes Tertiary College with my brother we had a snow fall that year, and saw to our horror one driver with a letter box cleared on their windscreen, the rest covered in it.  They hadn’t even put their windscreen wipers on, the eejit.


Dan’s morning had already been made before we had even driven 5 minutes today.  A BMW Z4 suddenly changed lanes, closely followed by a Police car, stopping at a traffic light, as the filter came on to turn right, the BMW pulled away, the cops put their lights on and pulled him over for speeding.  Hur Hur.  I drive through a lot of road works on my way to/fro work by the junction of Eastlink, not the 145km that we had from Rutherglen to Canberra, but enough of them.  The speed limit through road works here is 60kmh, while I sit bang on the limit, people are whizzing past me all the time.  It drives me mad.  While there aren’t people working there when we go past, it’s too early then after 5pm, so I miss them working on it all – the limit is there for a reason.  Dan was really proud that Australian’s didn’t speed as it was too easy to get caught, he kept reminding me of this all the time we were driving in the UK.  I don’t know what happened in the interim 7 years, but they are just as bad as the UK now, worse actually because they are worse drivers.  People complain about traffic jams over here, I just laugh and say ‘Try driving on the M25 in rush hour, when the whole loop can get gridlocked’.   They have no idea.  And don’t get me started on how bad they think their trains are either.  Try the underground sunshine, where you are rammed in so tight on the platform, you watch trains go past for half an hour before you can even get on one!


Rant over, ca va tres bien! Et tois?

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