On Boronia

It is a funny little suburb, there are the usual super-markdos, train station (how I was getting into work), car parks (how I am getting into work now), Subway (they get everywhere), banks, pet shop and fish shop (aquarium as oppose with chips), but there are 3 craft shops that I have found within a 5 minute walk of where I work.  Erika and mum would be in heaven!  I am being strong and resisting going in, but one is literally next door and has rugs to hook for sale – so it is hard!  Not that I have time to do anything else at the moment.


I took some work home so I could sort out the scribbles in my notepad to add to my task bar, (Paul has already nagged me for using my notebook, but I don’t take my PC into meetings, so I need to write something down!) and I am pretty much up-to-date on my to do list, now I just need to get on and start working.  Which you may laugh at, but I have had to finish off organizing a course that was running today until Sunday, for which nothing had been done except booking people on.  So my time has been taken up with that and assembling all the materials, not so in future as I will be making up packs and putting them in the store room to avoid this again.


So although I have been here a week now, I don’t think I have actually done much ‘work’ – it doesn’t feel like it yet, maybe I am wrong, but who knows.  They are happy with what I have done though, so I won’t worry :D


We are off out to dinner tonight, meeting Kate who DG went to school with in the city; depending on what time I finish here with washing up and stuff, we may have to go straight to dinner, although I would prefer to go home and change first.  Tomorrow is more of the same, but I don’t need to be here so early, and the delegates are going out to lunch too.  On the weekend I have to deliver the sandwiches on Saturday as one of the areas that wasn’t covered was sourcing another restaurant that is open on Saturday lunchtimes, FFS, and I didn’t have time to find one this week.  So the plan that had been left for me had them going for lunch at a restaurant that wasn’t even open and no booking for 14 people on Sunday either.


Drives me mad it does.






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