Suggestions for Mother’s Day from Cheryl Richardson

Dear Friends,

I’m sitting in my hotel room having just finished my talk onThe Art of Extreme Self Care here at the I Can Do It conference. In my conversations with people it’s clear that many need tools to take good care of themselves during this powerful time of individual and global shifting. One group, in particular, are moms. A few weeks ago, I used Facebook and Twitter to invite women to share the kind of Mother’s Day gifts that would make them feel most loved and cared for, knowing the day was coming up this week. The responses poured in. Some ideas were expected, some were touching, and some were downright hilarious.
Here are some examples of what I received:

Breakfast in bed and a clean house.

A photo book of my kids.

Anything handmade – memory books, mugs, home dvds, etc. – something that takes thought and time which makes it more precious.

Time alone with each of my grown children.

A hammock or swing for the backyard so I can relax and listen to the birds or read a book.

A day of pampering – massage, manicure, or pedicure and a nice meal at the end.

To go for a picnic with my family. It celebrates me and Mother Earth at the same time.

I’d love to have the whole family take over the chores for one day. I don’t want to be given flowers hurriedly picked up at the gas station. Just let me be me for a day.

A day at the spa with my mom.

Quiet time, a new journal, and a cup of good tea.

A day with my husband and kids in which we’re all kind, patient, and loving with one another. Blazing those smiling, loving faces into my mind would be the best!

I would love to hear the top ten things my children have appreciated about me which have helped them.

As you can see, many of these gift ideas are simple and inexpensive.
Things like “something handmade,” or “to know I’m appreciated,” were repeatedly mentioned, as was the need for help around the house. The one gift that seemed most important to woman was quality time alone.

This week, please keep these ideas in mind. And, when you think about honoring the mother in your life – whether it’s your mother, a dear friend who supports you, a loving person who always has your back, or most of all, the mother in you, please consider a copy of “The Art of Extreme Self Care.” As I say in the book, Extreme Self Care is about extraordinary mothering and it’s something we all need to learn how to do (for ourselves and each other). The tools and resources contained within the pages are the key to sustainable success in living a soulful life. It may just be the most powerful gift you could give to someone you love.

By the way, the funniest gift idea? One woman wrote: “A toilet.
Seriously, I’m a practical woman with many home improvement needs. I’d love a very good toilet, top of the line.”

Let’s hope she gets it :)
Happy Mother’s Day to all women!

~ Cheryl Richardson

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